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Bad A/C Compressor Symptoms

This are the most common symptoms of a bad a/c compressor:

 A worn compressor pulley bearing, or clutch bearing will cause a growling noise. AC compressor clutch assembly needs to be replaced.

  • Growling noise with the compressor engaged

A/C compressor internal bearing/components damage. The entire ac compressor should be replaced.

  • A high compression ratio

Either an increase in head pressure or a decrease in suction pressure will cause higher compression ratios. Any time a system has high compression ratios the compressor’s discharge temperature will also be elevated. This is because of the higher heat of compression during the compression stroke associated with higher compression ratios. When compression ratios are high, more energy is needed to raise the pressure of the suction gases to the discharge pressure. This means more heat is generated as heat of compression during the compression stroke.

  • Cooling performance decreases
  • A/C not as cold as it used to be
  • Knocking noises from the compressor
  • Squealing A/C compressor drive belt
  • Excessively hot compressor crankcase
  • Compressor pressure plate not engaging
  • Both lines from a/c compressor at the same ambient temperature
  • Gauge pressure ,High side Low and Low side High
  • A/C compressor locked up. Compressor Does not turn when rotated by hand.
  • Compressor pressure plate signs of overheating condition
  • Compressor body signs of overheating condition

The best way to fix a bad car ac compressor

To permanently fix a bad car ac compressor you must first, take care of the condition that led to the compressor damage. Identifying  what damaged the old compressor is the only effective way to prevent the same fault happening to the  new compressor. It is vital to follow the proper manufacturer specifications while installing the new a/c compressor or any air conditioning component.

The top automotive system faults that lead to A/C Compressor Damage.

These are the top automotive system faults that could lead to A/C compressor Damage:

  • A/C compressor over cycling.
  • Excessive high compressor temperature due to air conditioning system contamination.
  • Cooling system underperformance affecting a/c operation.
  • Drive belt slipping on a/c compressor pulley creating excessive high heat load.
  • Slipping clutch pressure plate due to out of specs compressor clutch gap.
  • Shorts to power or ground on the ac compressor clutch coil circuit.
  • A/C compressor clutch relay inoperative or shorted.
  • Inaccurate refrigerant(freon) charges increase compressor failure.
  • Lack of compressor internal lubrication
  • Incorrect type of oil
  • Incorrect or contaminated refrigerant in the air conditioning system.
  • Inefficient or restricted auto a/c condensers
  • High compression ratios

Do you need to get you Car A/C Compressor inspected ?

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