Auto Collision repair air conditioning service

AC vacuum & recharge after body shop work

AC vacuum & recharge service.

Auto body shops will restore vehicle to factory specifications after a collision or will give any car a new custom look.
In many cases the air conditioning system must be open for the replacement, repair or painting of body parts. Vehicles canít be moved from the body shop and Auto A/C Repair LLC. has the solution: We come to you and do the recovery,vacuum and recharge service on-site!

R1234yf & R134a refrigerant systems

We service r134a refrigerant as well as r1234yf refrigerant. After the air conditioning system itís been opened the system must be evacuated and dehydrated and reduced from a pressure to a vacuum, then critically charged (exact pounds and ounces) the only accurate method to charge the hvac system is to weigh the refrigerant into the carís ac, using special and approved tools for this purpose, specially in modern cars where the performance of the ac system would be negatively impacted if not recharged with the exact amount of refrigerant as per manufacturer. An incorrect system charge or any system contamination could cause severe damage to the ac system leading to expensive repairs.

EPA section 609 & section 608

Any person that services Motor vehicle air conditioning must be†section 609 and section†608†certified. The federal clean air act, is regulated by the United States Environmental Agency (EPA).Failure to comply could cost your company as much as $37,500 per day, per violation, and there is a bounty of up to $10,000 to turn you in.Work responsibly, safe and according to EPA and SAE standards. The car will have a cool outside look and a cold inside cabin. Call now at (786) 483-9406.