Auto a/c hoses, repair & installation

A/C hose/lines quick installation.

What is an ac hose?

The air conditioning hose provides the connection between the main automotive hvac components on those restricted areas where aluminum lines can’t be used. The car air conditioner hoses are made of a special type of rubber and designed, following some specific standards of quality and safety dictated by SAE J2064.
 Auto a/c aluminum lines & hose assemblies are intended for conducting liquid and gaseous refrigerant. The hose shall be designed to minimize permeation of refrigerant, contamination of the system, and to be functional over a temperature range of -30 to 125 degrees Celsius.

Most common  ac hose/line failures.

The most frequent ac hose repairs are due to leaks. The most common leak area in a flexible hose is right behind the ac crimped fitting. Here, the inner non permeable barrier layer of the hose is often damaged when the fitting is compressed.

Replacement & installation

 Necessary preliminary tasks:
- Properly evacuate the a/c system making sure there are no positive pressure readings on gauges before doing any repair to the ac system.
-Disconnect any damaged line or hose connecting the air conditioning components in the vehicle.
– Install new gasket seals and O-ring seals at every connection of the new hose.
-Properly evacuate & recharge the system with the exact amount of refrigerant according to manufacturer specifications.

Cost of an hvac hose/line replacement service.

 The cost of an auto air conditioning hose/line removal & installation will depend on the type of car; make model and year you drive. We make custom a/c hoses and the price will depend on some factors like the length of the hose and the complexity of design required. Our mechanics are mobile, which means they’ll come to your home or office with the best prices in town because we don’t have the high overhead expenses conventional repair shops have.

Quick a/c repair near me?

Auto A/C Repair LLC. Offers a comprehensive and very convenient auto ac repair mobile service in Miami-Dade County. We come to your home or office and best of all you can go on with your normal day. All we need is a driveway or parking space where our technicians can work. Give us a call at (786)-483-9406