Auto A/C Evaporator Failure Symptoms

Auto A/C Evaporator Failure Symptoms

Auto A/C Evaporator Failure Symptoms:

  • When the evaporator core is leaking, the ac system performance is greatly decreased.
  • The driver and passengers start to smell refrigerant from the cabin vents.
  • In cars with dual ac units another sign is that the front unit stops blowing cold air first while the back unit still blows some cool air.
  • in cars with front ac unit only, the vents from one side of the car blows colder than the other one.
  • Compressor cycling on and off too often.
  • A/C compressor inoperative due to low refrigerant condition.
  • Weak air flow if evaporator core surface is restricted with debris.
  • Low air conditioning system pressures.
  • Air conditioning system freezing up at high engine speed.
  • Pressure and temperature sensors prevent the a/c compressor from engagement.

How to fix an auto a/c evaporator core failure.

The evaporator core can’t be repaired, it must be replaced. Usually, the evaporator core is not an expensive part, but because is deeply buried underneath the dash is a very hard to reach component and time-consuming repair. In most cases the whole dashboard and center console must be taken apart to get to the hvac box.

Car Evaporator core leak and low A/C oil condition.

When the evaporator is leaking refrigerant ,the oil that lubricates the a/c compressor internal components will leak out as well. If the a/c system is only recharged with refrigerant without replacing the evaporator core, the compressor will be running low on oil. The a/c refrigerant and oil lubricate and cool down the automotive a/c compressor. Running the a/c compressor low on oil and refrigerant will eventually damage the air conditioner compressor. A leaking evaporator must be replaced and the oil must be balanced to ensure all components are properly lubricated.

Auto A/C Evaporator core repair near me.

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