Auto AC Compressor Failure Symptoms

Auto A/C Compressor Failure Symptoms

Signs of auto a/c compressor failure:

  • Cooling performance decreases
  • A/C not as cold as it used to be
  • Knocking noises from the compressor
  • Squealing A/C compressor drive belt
  • Excessively hot compressor crankcase
  • Compressor pressure plate not engaging
  • Both lines from a/c compressor at the same ambient temperature
  • Gauge pressure ,High side Low and Low side High
  • A/C compressor locked up. Compressor Does not turn when rotated by hand.
  • Compressor pressure plate signs of overheating condition
  • Compressor body signs of overheating condition

What causes A/C Compressor Clutch Failure?

Causes of A/C Compressor Clutch Failure:

  • A/C compressor over cycling.
  • Excessive high compressor temperature due to air conditioning system contamination.
  • Cooling system underperformance affecting a/c operation.
  • Drive belt slipping on a/c compressor pulley creating excessive high heat load.
  • Slipping clutch pressure plate due to out of specs compressor clutch gap.
  • Shorts to power or ground on the ac compressor clutch coil circuit.
  • A/C compressor clutch relay inoperative or shorted.
  • Inaccurate refrigerant(freon) charges increase compressor failure.
  • Lack of compressor internal lubrication
  • Incorrect type of oil
  • Incorrect or contaminated refrigerant in the air conditioning system.
  • Inefficient or restricted auto a/c condensers
  • High compression ratios

What to do if my auto A/C Compressor fails ?

Technically the compressor can be rebuilt ,it is recommended to replace the entire compressor. If there was a major internal compressor failure the entire system must be inspected for debris(metal from internal compressor components).After an internal compressor failure, it is  recommended to replace the A/C condenser(Specially if it is a modern Parallel Flow type) and the drier, to avoid contamination of the brand new air conditioning compressor. Also, the system should be flushed to avoid contamination.

Where can I Get my auto ac Compressor Replaced?

If you need assistance replacing the a/c compressor in your vehicle Call Us Today ! Auto A/C Repair LLC. operates a mobile air conditioning repair shop in Miami. Contact Us if you need to check any auto a/c compressor failure symptoms. One of our ASE certified mechanics will take care of your vehicle. We offer 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor.

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