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Freon Recharge Service Near Me

Freon Recharge Service Near me

Freon Recharge Service Near me

  1. Connect recovery/recycling/recharging equipment to the A/C service valves.
  2. Evacuate auto air conditioning system for 25 minutes or more.
  3. Pull a Deep Vacuum on the A/C system.
  4. Charge the specified amount of refrigerant to vehicle A/C system.
  5. Check that A/C system operates normally.
  6. Install A/C service Valve caps.
  7. Refrigerant charge service is complete.


Auto A/C Repair LLC. automotive air conditioning specialist on site service.

If you need assistance recharging the a/c system in your vehicle, Call Today and request a Refrigerant Recharge service.

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auto air conditioning repair

Auto Air Conditioning Repair

Major Auto air conditioning repairs could be avoided or delayed if some components of the air conditioning system are well maintained and operating at 100 % efficiency.

Car Air Conditioning condenser location

The air conditioning condenser is a heat exchanger like a radiator. It is usually located in front of the vehicle. Other automotive air conditioning designs could have the a/c condenser positioned below the radiator ,on the side of the vehicle or on the roof of the cab.

Automotive air conditioning Repair

The modern design air conditioning condenser cannot be flushed or repaired for leaks. If the condenser is internally contaminated with debris from a compressor failure, stop leak sealer or desiccant bag ruptures, the condenser must be replaced with a new efficient design condenser to ensure a longer life of the air conditioning compressor, and the best performance out of the a/c system.

Auto Air conditioning Condenser Installation

The auto air conditioning operation will be impacted by the condenser design type installed. When replacing the ac condenser, it is vital for the auto air conditioning peak performance to have the fan assembly installed according to manufacturer specifications. Condenser fan assembly ,fan clutch and fan shroud must be replaced if they are suspected of being underperforming or damaged.

The auto air conditioning longevity depends on the proper operation of the ac condenser. The A/C system must be refrigerant charged (Freon) according to specification and the refrigerant must comply at least with the current purity standards. After the condenser is replaced the system must be oil balanced to compensate for the oil loss that goes inside the old condenser coil. The type of oil used, and the exact amount of oil is critical to ensure the best auto air conditioning system performance.

Forced Air and Ram Air automotive system.

The Parallel Flow air conditioning Condenser is the most efficient automotive design currently available and it has considerably improved the automotive cabin interior comfort, but It cannot rely only on the outside ambient natural air flow and temperature to achieve the task of desuperheating, condensing and  subcooling that happens along its coil passages and fins. It is  imperative that a condenser fan assembly forces the right amount of air through the condenser and at the right speed to help with these heat exchange process between the superheated refrigerant from the vehicle cabin and the outside ambient air.

Auto Air conditioning system and Engine Overheating

Just because the engine temperature isn’t elevated, doesn’t mean that the fan is working properly. The fan operation should be double checked with the impact of the fan assembly on the ac system in mind and not only the engine cooling system operation. Just because the fan is turning, and the engine is not showing signs of overheating condition it doesn’t necessarily mean that is turning fast enough for the proper operation of the air conditioning system. Poor fan clutch performance would increase the overall head pressure of the a/c system and may develop leaks from any connection of the hvac lines or compressor main seals.

Auto Air conditioning Repair and maintenance

Depending on the conditions the vehicle is driven the auto air conditioning condenser may need periodically scheduled maintenance.

  • The condenser coil must be clean
  • Free from road debris ,leaves and dirt
  • The condenser coil cannot properly operate with missing or bent fin.
  • Aftermarket modifications of the bumper, front grille and fresh air intakes affect the a/c condenser operation.
  • Aftermarket fan clutch or condenser fan assemblies out of specification must be corrected

Auto A/C Repair LLC. is here to help with any automotive air conditioning need.

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ac auto repair shops near me

ac auto repair shops near me

Auto A/C Repair LLC brings the entire mobile shop right to your home or office. We have ASE certified auto ac repair mechanic near your area in all Miami-Dade County.

Better A/C Auto Condenser Repairs

A/C condensers are in charge of reducing refrigerant temperature so the entire auto AC system chills out. A well maintained or brand new more efficient installed condenser will improve the overall performance of the automotive air conditioning system. By ensuring the most efficient possible operation of the car ac condenser we are extending the life expectancy of the ac compressor and the coldest air flow possible out of the vents in the vehicle.

Mobile AC Repair Shops Outdated Condenser Designs Replacement

The Parallel auto ac flow condenser (PFC) is the most efficient style of condenser for heat transfer because the fins stay in contact with tubes and refrigerant can flow thorough multiple tubes at the same time. This design provides the best possibility for the refrigerant to release heat.

Condenser designs have changed over the years, but there have been 3 primary types.

  • Tube and fin Condenser (TFC)
  • Serpentine Tube Condenser (STC)
  • Parallel Flow Condenser (PFC)

AC Automotive Condenser Repair and Installation Near Me

When servicing an A/C system it is important to know the type of condenser the vehicle has as well as the type it is being replaced with. Less efficient car ac condenser should be replaced with new more efficient designs. The purity of the aluminum and the number of fins per inch should closely be taken into consideration. The heat exchange properties could be improved greatly by taking these factors into consideration. The more efficiently the condenser is operating the less effort must be made by the compressor to operate and cool down the interior of the vehicle. A  condenser that lowers the overall temperature and pressure of the vehicle’s ac system is preserving the quality of the compressor oil and proper lubrication.

Auto A/C Shop Repair Mobile Service Near Me

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How do you test a car condenser

How do you test a car condenser ?

The best way to test a car condenser is by knowing how it should be operating correctly. You can compare the operation and determine if there are any issues with the condenser. A quick and easy test could be performed without using any special tools.

  1. Start the engine
  2. Turn the A/C on
  3. A/C set to Max Cold and Max blower operation
  4. Run the A/C for a few minutes to let the system stabilize
  5. On the engine compartment locate the condenser(It is in front of the car and looks like the radiator)
  6. Feel the temperature of the condenser coil beginning from the top of the condenser to the bottom of the condenser.
  7. A good operating condenser should be hot at the top warm on the middle of the condenser coil and cool on the bottom part of the coil surface.


Results of the condenser Test


  1. Cold spot on the condenser coil surface indicates a problem and must be corrected
  2. Hot from top to bottom condenser coil indicates a problem and must be corrected


Normal operation of an a/c condenser


  • The Hot superheated gas from the compressor enters the top of the condenser at 200 F. The condensing temperature is going to be about 30 F warmer than the outside(ambient) air.
  • The outside air temperature is 95 F. The condensing temperature is 95 F + 30 F = 125 F. The refrigerant must be cooled to 125 F (200 F – 125 F) in the first part of the condenser coil. This is call desuperheating. It is the first job of the condenser.
  • Partway through the condenser coil the superheat is removed and the refrigerant reaches the actual condensing temperature of 125 F ; liquid begins to form in the coil. Liquid will continue to form at the condensing temperature of 125 F until all the vapor has turned to 100 % liquid. This is called the Latent Heat of Condensation.
  • The liquid can now reject sensible heat and subcool to below the 125 F condensing temperature. Any liquid below 125 F condensing temperature is referred to as a subcooled liquid.
  • The liquid in the bottom of the condenser draining into the receiver or expansion device depending on the type of system may cool to 110 F. This would give the liquid 15 F(125 F – 110 F) of subcooling.


Impact of debris and damage of the car condenser and temperature differential.


All air-cooled condensers do not have the same exact 30 F relationship with the ambient air. It is good practice to determine and record the temperature relationship between the air and refrigerant at start-up time. Then if the relationship were to change, you would suspect trouble, such as a dirty condenser, system contaminated or an overcharge of refrigerant.

A well-maintained clean condenser will have a close 30 F or even lower temperature relationship with the ambient air, compared with a road debris restricted ac condenser. The efficiency of the condenser will vary according to the condenser design, size and quality of the materials used for its construction. The operation of the a/c condenser depends greatly on the flow speed and volume of air going through its fins to accelerate the heat exchange between the refrigerant and the ambient air.


Do you need assistance checking your car ac condenser ?

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How cold should the car ac be

How cold should the car ac be

The car ac should be as cold as the manufacturer design specifications according to the heat load, humidity, and other conditions of the vehicle at the time of the performance test. There is a relationship between Humidity, ambient air temperature, pressures and the type of refrigerant used in the auto a/c system that will ultimately dictate what the center duct air temperature in your car should be. In this chart  of Relative humidity/ambient air temperature/pressure for r134a we can determine what should be the car ac temperature at the vents. If the vehicle is under these specific conditions of ambient outside air temperature and humidity and the Center Duct air temperature is not close to these values, there is a problem with the car a/c system that must be fixed.

Relative Humidity

Ambient Air Temp (F)

Max Gauge Pres Low Side (psi)

Max Gauge Pres High Side (psi)

Center Duct Air Temp (F)























































Temperature /Humidity/Pressure Relationships for R134a.

Do you need assistance checking your auto ac system up ?

Auto A/C Repair LLC. will bring a complete auto ac repair center right to your home or office. ASE certified auto ac mechanics will take care of your car a/c system.

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Car AC stopped cooling suddenly

Car AC Stopped Cooling Suddenly

This is a fast step by step guide on how to locate what is preventing the operation of the a/c system in your car. If the A/C in your car stopped cooling suddenly ,by knowing the a/c system pressure readings you can determine what component is not operating properly and replace it.

Step by Step car a/c diagnostic


Car A/C system suddenly stopped operation.

For the auto A/C system to operate we need the major air conditioning components to operate properly. When the a/c stop cooling suddenly we need to follow a logical diagnostic process to get to the cause of the a/c malfunction as fast and efficiently as possible. We’ll be looking to gather at least this useful information:

  • Exactly what is the concern.
  • When did the a/c fault happen ?
  • How often ?
  • Conditions of the vehicle at the time of the a/c fault.


Exactly what is the concern ? Is the auto ac not cooling enough or the cooling capacity has decreased. This category will lead us into a more specific area of the air conditioning system. Is the air coming out from the vents or there is no air at all blowing out from the a/c ducts ?

When did the A/C fault happen ? The approach will be different if the a/c fault only happens during the night or day and specific what part of the day or night. The ambient temperature will vary and the heat load on the car a/c system will be different.

How often ? Is the first time or is the problem repeating and how often? The more specific the information we get the easier the troubleshooting process will be.


Get your car’s A/C  system checked up Today.

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Is my auto ac condenser operating properly

How do I know if my auto ac condenser is operating properly ?

To know if the auto ac condenser is operating properly we need a set of air conditioning gauges and accurate thermometer to measure outside ambient temperature ,condensing saturation temperature and subcooling temperature. The readings will be compared to a pressure/temperature chart for the corresponding refrigerant used in the vehicle. The readings must be in the range specified by the manufacturer and the pressure/temperature saturation chart.

The conditions for condensing are determined by the efficiency of the condenser and the heat load put on the condenser. A standard condenser ,has a condensing temperature about 30-35 F higher than the surrounding air used to absorb heat  from the condenser. Some condensers are more efficient than others and the relation between the outside air and the condensing temperature will be lower .Condensing temperatures and pressures are also dependent on the heat load given to the condenser to reject. The higher the heat load, the higher will be the condensing temperature and the corresponding pressure. The performance of the ac condenser will change according to the outside ambient temperature.

For example, if the outside ambient temperature rises to 105 F degrees , the condenser saturation temperature would rise to about 135 F

Symptoms of a bad or failing ac condenser

  • Higher relationship between condensing temperature and outside ambient temperature.
  • Higher A/C system head pressure
  • Lower A/C compressor capacity.
  • Condenser fan assembly operating on high continuously


How to properly install an ac condenser


When installing a replacement condenser,  measure the amount of oil found in the component that was removed, and then add that same amount of oil, back into the condenser prior to recharging. If oil has leaked out of the system, use the manufacturer’s recommended amounts.

  • Torque all fasteners to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Replace o-rings
  • Evacuate and recharge the system
  • Check for leaks
  • Check A/C system performance.

Do you need assistance checking the ac condenser operation in your vehicle ?

Auto A/C Repair brings a complete auto ac care center right to your home or office to take care of your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Call Today !

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Evacuation and Auto AC system air contamination

Evacuation and Auto A/C system air contamination.

Every time the auto A/C system is opened for a component replacement or any other type of service the system must be properly evacuated to avoid air contamination. Pulling a deep vacuum will ensure that all the ambient air that went inside the system while it was opened will be evaporated out of the system.

The negative impact of air contamination on the ac system will be noticed right away. Some of the signs of air contamination are noisy compressor operation and decreased overall auto ac performance. The air can’t be condensed inside the air conditioning condenser and only occupies the space of the refrigerant making the condenser less efficient and not allowing the process of de-superheat, condensation and subcooling that happens in the a/c condenser.

Auto A/C system Air contamination field test:

With 0% air contamination

High Side :165 PSI

Low Side: 32 PSI

Condenser temperature differential:38 Degrees


With 7.7 % Air Contamination

High Side : 200 PSI

Low Side: 31 PSI

Condenser temperature differential : 65 degrees


With 18.9% Air contamination

High Side:400 PSI

Low Side 45 PSI

Condenser temperature differential 102 Degrees


What damages could cause the air contamination in the car ac system.

Auto A/C system air contamination rises the overall pressure in the system. Higher than normal pressures will force the ac compressor. Higher pressures cause higher temperature that could change the oil viscosity and properties. A/C system air contamination will keep the condenser fan assembly operating at maximum capacity because of the inefficiencies of the condenser to change the refrigerant from vapor to liquid.


How to check for auto ac system air contamination ?

A refrigerant identifier can be used to quickly check for air contamination and refrigerant cross contamination.


Do you need assistance checking your auto ac system for air contamination?

Auto A/C Repair LLC. provides auto ac repairs near your area. Call Today to have one of our ASE certified mechanics check your air conditioning system for air or other contaminants in your vehicle’s ac system. Get auto ac system properly evacuated and recharge according to manufacturer specifications.

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auto air conditioning service near me

Auto air conditioner repair near me. EV heat pump system.

Basically , a heat pump is just an A/C system running backwards instead of releasing heat to the outside air at the condenser, the condenser is used like an evaporator to draw heat into the refrigerant for later release in the passenger compartment. To be serviced and repaired must be taken into account  that the auto air conditioner EV heat pump system has some different components when compared to the traditional ICE (Internal Combustion Engine).

Auto ac conditioner repair near me. Heat pump and traditional system.

The only additions compared to ICE air conditioner systems are an additional heat exchanger, and two special valves and a second orifice tube.

When heat is requested , the two valves are used to redirect refrigerant flow. One, the three-way valve valve , redirects flow to bypass the orifice tube. The other, a two way valve, is closed to force refrigerant through the second orifice tube, called the heating orifice tube.

  • High pressure liquid refrigerant leaves the cabin’s Inner condenser and passes through Heating Orifice Tube, where it drops pressure and temperature . This allows the refrigerant to enter the condenser as a low pressure vapor at a temperature lower than the outside ambient temperature. Since heat travel to cold , the hotter outside air loads up into the refrigerant where the conversion to a low-pressure gas take place.
  • This superheated low pressure gas now enters the compressor and leaves as a high pressure gas, further raising the temperature of the refrigerant.
  • It then enters the inner condenser where the heat is transferred to the cabin by the circulation of the blower motor across the heat exchanger.
  • The loss of heat begins the process of returning the refrigerant to a liquid state on its way back to orifice tube.

Heat pump designs and different components.

The 2013 Nissan Leaf auto air conditioner heat pump design has additional components to operate as efficiently as possible when the outside ambient temperature is too low for the heat pump alone. There is a supplemental PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heater to back it up.

The system on the Prius Prime is similar with one important difference. Included in the system is a liquid-gas separator and a small injection pump. The injection pump is used to inject vaporized refrigerant in the compressor during the compressor cycle. This is called an economizer and takes advantage of the Vorhees Principle to increase the efficiency of the heat pump.

Toyota claims that the heat pump system is effective to 14 F . If you live in an area where it gets colder than that ,don’t worry. The conventional heater core is still present as is a supplemental PTC heater.

Do you need assistance ?

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Car Ac Repair Near Me

Car Ac Repair Near Me

Car ac repair near me

Auto A/C Repair LLC. provides Car Ac repair in all Miami-Dade County area. They have ASE certified mechanics that specialize in the specific car air conditioning system only. Call them and have a mechanic near you come to your driveway or office in Hialeah at the first sign of trouble. Auto A/C Repair LLC. could make you save money by stopping the car right at your home or office and not making a small issue become a big, expensive air conditioning system repair.

Contact Auto A/C Repair LLC.

For your auto AC repair needs, contact Hialeah Auto A/C Repair LLC. office today for professional and experienced repair and maintenance services you can trust in Hialeah, Florida.

Services you can find and trust at Auto A/C Repair LLC.

Best Automobile AC Diagnostics service & repair in Hialeah.

  • AC stopped working.
  • AC compressor is on but is not pumping.
  • AC compressor is only working under acceleration.
  • AC compressor is making a noise.
  • Truck AC stopped working.
  • Air is not coming out of vents.
  • Air is coming out from the wrong vents.
  • Air is coming colder from one side of the vents only.
  • Fan is only working in one speed.
  • Fan speed control is not working.
  • Heater stopped working.

Car air-conditioning on-site components repair.

  • AC Compressor repair
  • AC compressor clutch coil repair
  • AC compressor main seals repair
  • AC compressor oil balance
  • AC compressor upgrade
  • AC system vacuum & recharge
  • Body shop ac system vacuum & recharge
  • Refrigerant r134a recharge
  • Refrigerant r1234yf recharge
  • Truck AC compressor repair
  •  AC Condenser repair
  • Truck AC condenser repair
  •  AC drier repair
  • Truck AC drier repair
  • AC accumulator repair
  • Truck AC accumulator repair
  •  AC thermal expansion valve
  • Truck AC thermal expansion valve repair
  • AC fixed orifice tube repair
  • Truck AC fixed orifice tube repair
  • AC discharge hose repair
  • Truck AC discharge hose repair
  • AC suction hose repair
  • AC evaporator repair
  • Truck AC evaporator repair
  • Car AC service valve core repair
  • Truck AC service valve core repair
  • Car AC sensors & switches repair
  • Truck AC sensors & switches repair
  • AC head climate control set repair
  • Truck AC head climate control set repair
  • AC mode door actuators repair
  • Truck AC mode door actuators repair
  • AC mode door repair
  • Truck AC mode door repair
  • AC blend door actuators repair
  • Truck AC blend door actuators repair
  • AC re-circulation air door actuators repair
  • Truck AC re-circulation air door actuators repair
  • AC blower motor repair
  • Truck AC blower motor repair
  • AC blower motor resistor repair
  • Truck AC blower motor resistor repair
  • AC in cabin air filter repair
  • Truck AC in cabin air filter repair

Where to find Auto A/C Repair LLC.

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