A/C cooling performance test

A/C cooling performance test

2014 Dodge Avenger L4-2.4L



The work area ambient temperature and the evaporator temperature must be above 18.3 ?C (65 ?F) prior to conducting the A/C performance test.

  1. Connect a manifold gauge set or an A/C recycling/charging station
  2. Operate the heating-A/C system under the following conditions.
    • Engine at idle and operating temperature
    • Doors or windows open
    • Transaxle in Park or Neutral with parking brake set (depending on application)
    • A/C-heater controls set to Recirculation mode (max-A/C), full cool, panel mode, high blower and A/C on.


  1. Insert a thermometer in the driver side center panel air outlet and operate A/C system until the thermometer temperature stabilizes.

This procedure requires the technician to know what the temperature and relative humidity is at the time of the test. The temperature must be combined with the relative humidity to calculate the apparent ambient temperature (?feels like? temperature),when the temperatures are above 21?C(70?F).Use the current ambient temperature and the relative humidity in your location. This information can be obtained from multiple sources, such as the internet or local news media.

  1. Compare the air temperature at the center panel outlet and the A/C system pressures to the A/C Performance Temperature and Pressure chart.




Ambient Air Temperature 21?C
(110 ?F)
Air Temperature at Center Panel Outlet 6-15?C
7-18?C (45-64?F) 9-21?C(48-69?F) 11-22?C (52-72 ?F) 13-24?C (56-75 ?F)
A/C High Side Pressure 1034-1896 kPa(150-275 psi) 1207-2068 kPa(175-300 psi) 1379-2241 kPa(200-325 psi) 1551-2413 kPa(225-350 psi) 1724-2241 kPa(250-375 psi)
A/C Low Side Pressure 214-365 kPa (31-53 psi) 248-407 kPa
(36-59 psi)
283-476 kPa
(41-69 psi)
317-483 kPa
(46-70 psi)
359-496 kPa
(52-72 psi)


  1. If the air outlet temperature or the A/C system pressures are not within specifications Click Here.