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A/C Recirculation button should be ON or OFF ?

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Driver fatigue is a main concern in the battle to decrease road accidents and fatalities.Other than lack of sleep, driver fatigue could be caused by carís in-cabin too high temperatures and exhaust pollutants such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen dioxide inducing poor coordination and reaction time while driving, that may increase the likelihood of a collision.

Automotive In-cabin air quality & outside air quality.

Carbon monoxide gas is produced during incomplete combustion of fossil fuels.Concentration of 9 PPM is suspected to produce adverse health effects,according to EPA.In an attempt to avoid unpleasant smells from chemical substances into the auto-cabin from the driving environment the carís air conditioning system, driving urban areas is mostly set to recirculation mode; by doing this most of the fumes from other vehicles sharing the road are trapped by in cabin air filters and purified by the ac evaporator core and this air is recirculated inside the cabin over and over again. When set to this mode for long driving periods of time, high concentration of carbon dioxide are created due to crewís own exhalation, decreasing the quality of the air inside the cabin.

Vehicleís air quality monitoring & sensors.

An air quality sensor plays a vital role maintaining and acceptable air quality level. The air quality sensor will detect undesired gasses and odors such as: carbon monoxide ,nitrogen dioxide or carbon dioxide outside as well inside the car, automatically triggering actuators in the hvac case to adjust the flow of air in and out of the cabin, keeping an optimal recirculation valve operation.

Manual control.

Manually controlling this setting in your vehicle, the best option would be to take fresh air into the cabin, specially during long driving periods from time to time along the road.

AC Repair in Miami,mobile service.

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