Auto A/C compressors repair in town Miami

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World-class air conditioning compressor repair & installation

Auto A/C Repair LLC. offers a comprehensive and very convenient auto air conditioning repair mobile service in Miami-Dade county. We come to your home or office and best of  all you can go on with your normal day. All we need is a driveway or parking space where our technicians can work.
If your ac compressor  is not working and you need someone qualified and experienced that is always near in town ,give us a call or if you only want to compare prices, we offer free estimates over the phone in just minutes.
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What is an automobile Air Conditioning compressor?

We could say, for better understanding that  the air conditioning compressor is an ac part considered  the heart of the air conditioning system in your car. There are different, internal configurations of them: the single-cylinder models, the in-line Two-cylinder models, V-configurations of two, four, and six cylinders,and finally, radial designs.
The three types of automobile air conditioning compressors are the piston, the Vane and the scroll type. Compressors could be electronically controlled valve,variable displacement compressors, positive or fixed displacement compressors ,clutch or clutch less compressor type and hybrid high voltage or fully electric  driven compressors.

What an AC compressor does in your car?

All compressors perform the same function, pumping and compressing the refrigerant and the lubricant throughout the ac system, creating a low pressure or suction side on the evaporator side of the AC system and a high-pressure side on the condenser side of the system.

What are the main causes of a car’s air conditioning compressor failure?

On vane ac compressor type, vanes have tapered edges that can catch and break off, destroying the compressor if the pump is rotated in the wrong direction.
The main cause that leads to an internally damaged air conditioning compressor is the lack of lubrication or improper lubrication.
-Running the ac compressor with a low refrigerant charge.
-Use of an incorrect amount and type of oil, could make severe damage in a compressor internal parts.
Dirty or damaged condenser or a faulty condenser fan assembly.